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mineral glow


MINERAL GLOW CLAY ACTIVATING MASK can be used up to 3 times per week as part of your beauty ritual. A powder to clay mask, enriched with active enzymes and replenishing nutrients to revitalise and deliver intense hydration deep into the dermis, for a plump, glowing appearance.


key ingredients.

Beetroot (POWERHOUSE OF SKIN GOODNESS) rich in collagen boosting antioxidants to plump and refine. neutralise free radicals, lighten pigmentation and sough off dead skin cells with high levels of vitamin c, enhancing a more even youthful glow.

Maqui Berry (ULTIMATE SKIN NUTRITION) with high levels of omega 6 and its unique levels of anthocyanins to help repair damaged cells and promote the  growth of new, healthy cells whilst protecting against free radicals to keep premature aging at bay.

Mung Bean (GLOWY SECRET) rich in nourishing proteins and copper agents to stimulate production of collagen, elasticin and hyaluric acid which are all essential to younger healthier skin.


truly natural.

Everything we create contains the finest all-natural ingredients, no filler of any kind just pure nature with benefits. Each ingredient is included for therapeutic reason and comes directly from the plant, fruit, seed, nut, flower, tree, mountain and sea to give the purest and most potent formulas. Our oils are extracted either via the cold pressed method, or using the proprietary superficial co2 extraction method, these are the best extraction methods available to retain the near-identical chemical profile of the raw plant, seed or nut. Our products are made to order by hand in our studio in Scotland.




Mix 1tbsp with a few drops of water to activate, mix until a nice paste is formed. Apply on clean skin, avoiding the eye and lip contour. allow 15 minutes to dry then remove with warm water.

You may experience slight reddish/flushed skin following 30-50 minutes after treatment, which indicates the desired boost in blood circulation.



white kaolin clay, beta vulgaris rubra (beetroot powder), maqui berry powder, mung bean,  uva ursi (bear berry) powder, myrciaria dubi (camu camu) powder, Euterpe badiocarpa (acai) powder


48g glass powder jar

store in a cool dry place

use within 12 months of opening to ensure maximum efficacy